About Us

Exotic Designs Reptiles has been keeping and breeding ball pythons since the mid 90s. By the year 2000, we had built an impressive collection and were known for our quality animals and passion for the hobby. In 2003 we made the decision to move from South Florida back to our home state of Connecticut to be closer to family.

To help cover the expense of the move, I took a job with a tree company as a climber, a decision to prove costly. On February 03, 2003 while 65ft up in a White Pine, my buck strap failed dropping me down to the ground. If your not familiar with Connecticut in the winter, the temperature was 2 degrees Fahrenheit, and the ground was like a piece of concrete. I shattered both feet, both ankles, both tibias, all right ribs, shattered and dislocated my right wrist, right elbow, exploded two vertebrae, and broke my left hand. The compound fractures were so severe to my feet and right wrist they wanted to amputate both feet and my right arm. After 20 plus surgeries and lots of titanium, they saved all my limbs !!

Surviving a fall of this height is a miracle in itself, I count my blessings, but the reality of the situation quickly set in. I had to rely on my family, with no reptile experience, to sell off my entire Ball Python collection. It took years of therapy and follow up surgeries to be able to walk again. I started working on climbing out of the almost impossible debt, all the while dreaming of someday getting back into the reptile business. After a lot of blood sweat and tears, I was given an opportunity to get back into the business. I have meticulously selected my breeding stock and equipment, which has allowed me to offer my customers the highest quality animals possible. With the new projects we have in the works, we don't intend on slowing down. Keep checking in to see what we have to offer in the very exciting world of Ball Pythons.